The Client and You (post 3)


‘Having created a wireframe, evaluate the written brief of a peer’

Click below to see the evaluation of the side by side brief of the peer ————————–>>>>>>>>>>>> 3A. Evaluation of Scott Brief side by side

Click below to see how the brief has been interpreted into the wireframe ———————->>>>>>>>>>>> 3B. Evaluation of brief2wireframe

Firstly, the aim at the top of the page is clear and concise, stating who the website is for (a freelance videographer) and what the purpose of the website is (an online portfolio of work). McCormack states that when people fail to be clear and concise then time, money and effort can be wasted by unintentionally giving longwinded, misleading information (2014).

Moving onto the objectives – he begins by stating ‘the main objective’. Reading this, the instant emphasis should be for the designer to achieve this and use it as the core to build on. Cleardesignuk runs through the necessary steps in writing an effective brief – and part of writing the objectives is to answer questions without asking them, ultimately setting goals (2016).

The next two objectives are explaining the design. Scott does this effectively as it is short, descriptive and clear. Within them it is easy to see and picture what he has requested for the design – for example, by describing that simplicity is the main focus at the beginning of the objective. He has given instructions for text and video thumbnails, one solid background colour and no scrolling. Also, typewriter font all in capitals with no bold underlined or italics text with central positioning. Furthermore, there are also descriptions of the ingredients for the website, such as the text he wants people to read on the page.

A budget has been included for the designer which will give them an idea of what they can do with the money provided. A deadline has also been set for the designer with a single date, this shows that there won’t be much wiggle room for any delay.

Overall, it is a solid and clear example of what a brief should be like. It is easy to read with well-defined instructions.


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McCormack, Joseph. Brief. 1st ed. [Kennett Square, Pa.]: Soundview Executive Book Summaries, 2014. Print.




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