‘Media Entrepreneur’ (post 7)

Picture1(Figure 1)

Figure 1 is useful to people who are wanting to startup a business that involves numerous job roles to give it any life. As it is such a huge part of any business in the current day, I would add to the graphic ‘Social Media Marketing’ as a specific job. According to The Content Factory, 91% of brands use several social media platforms and do so early on in the startup (2015). They also suggest that doing this early on is essential because you can earn the majority of your followers/customers/client’s loyalty (2015).

As for me, I am promoting a Freelancing company where I work for myself as a Videographer/Photographer and not all of these tasks and roles will be needed. Or I do it all myself, such as creating a website and creating social media platforms. Lamprecht has a very interesting blog, titled ‘How to become a successful freelance and quit your desk job in 30 days’, in which he explains his personal stories about what he did to become a successful freelancer. It’s a great blog and there is plenty of information and advice in there for people Pre-Freelance and those already years into it. An example for those Pre-Freelance such as myself is to CONTACT EVERYONE YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN because the more contacts, references and experience you have, the easier it’ll be when you make the break to freelance (2016). This is good advice as it is a well-known fact that in the media industry, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. (Carmody, 2001).

Another great source of information is a book by Horowitz called The Freelancer’s Bible – similarly to Lamprecht she gives advice to people thinking about making the change to Freelance and those already doing it. Taking an example from the book, she talks about figuring out your key strengths, which for me Pre-Freelance is important to do (2012). No one is brilliant at everything and no one is brilliant all the time so once key strengths have been figured out then it’s possible to start figuring out rates and prices (Horowitz, 2012). As a newbie to Freelancing my rates and prices will start at the lower end because I personally need the experience to get to grips with how the Freelancing industry works. If needs be, I can begin Freelancing as a side project whilst I still working because that way, the skills that are needed to be an excellent Videographer/Photographer will have been practised and I’ll be going into the job more confident and hopefully more contacts.



Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.04.08

The aim of the diagram is to explore what I’d like to do in my job against what people would pay me to do – this then brings me to the outcome of what my ideal work would be with the right income and and job satisfaction (Regina, 2014). This is a great way of racking your brain to try and find the perfect jobs. It may not necessarily happen as easily as ‘wanting’ to do the jobs in the middle but it’s a good start and a goal to aim for.



The company that I wish to start-up is my own freelancing business of a ‘Freelance Videographer/Photographer’. Below are bullet point plans of ideas to try get the business up and running.

  • Start-up offer such as a competition. Post a video of my work on to social media, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and anyone who likes and/or comments on the post will instantly be put in to a random draw to win my services for FREE. Also, add ‘don’t forget to share with your friends’. Great start-up as it gets business shared and name out there to lots of people. It’s also good because it means I can start building a professional portfolio for my new business plan.
  • Advertise myself as a freelance videographer/photographer with an online portfolio as you’d expect to see with any businessman in this field.
  • Wireframe for a website/online portfolio has been already created by an undergraduate student – this could be made into a full website by the individual on the cheap as it is good experience for them, helpful and won’t take time and effort away from other things that need to be done to get the business going.
  • Put myself on every social media platform available, asking family and friends to spread the word in any way they can because it’s about who you know as well as what you know.
  • Like and follow corporate company’s profiles as they will get a notification and see that I’m following them – they may take a look on my profile and see that I’m cheap and take a look at my show reel for consideration.



Below you can see a Pinterest board that has been created in an attempt to express Media Entrepreneur influences. Some of the pins aim to be stimulating towards people who are on the fence on what to do with their career.




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