User Experience (post 6)

‘Critically analyse the online portfolio of an individual working in your chosen career’

User experience summarised, involves all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, it’s services and it’s products (Norman, 2017). UX Mastery explain that user experience design is all about thinking of the users needs at every stage of the product lifecycle – and that it applies to to web apps, mobiles apps, desktop apps or even physical products (2012). Their YouTube video was interesting and helpful in understanding the UX topic.

user-experience-areas(Figure 1) This graph highlights all the key areas that are important in giving the best user experience.

To sustain competition, it is imperative for businesses to have a web presence – the user experience for business’s/company’s websites will be absolutely vital in attracting and maintaining a customer base (Harvey, 2013). The majority of visitors to a website make a decision within a matter of seconds whether or not they wish to stay on the site or go back to look for something else. Consequently, there won’t be many more chances to make sure customers have the best user experience possible if it’s not done right the first time (Harvey, 2013).

Below is a personal critical analysis of Freelance Cameraman, Steve Lord, who is a well established Freelancer in the Northern region.

In the video below, myself and a peer have collectively analysed the online portfolio of freelance film maker, Danny Cooke.




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